Advice When Purchasing A New Puppy. Suggested Items Before You Get Him/Her Home

I would suggest that you get a few puppy toys for him/her, the best toys for a puppy are the Nylabones that are readily available and also 'Kongs' that are very hard wearing giving a good 'chew' toy.†

†There are cheaper versions available but they are a false economy as the cheaper ones do not live up to a Bull Breedís strength of jaw.

A very good toy is a knotted rope that acts not only as a chew toy but also helps to keep their teeth clean as the strings separate as they chew which acts like dental floss for us.

If you buy any other toys I strongly suggest you DO NOT buy squeaky toys as the 'squeak' they get from biting the toys can be associated with the cry of a baby and can lead them to believe that the 'squeaky baby' is also a toy.
This is not just Shar-pei, I would give this advice to anyone buying any breed of dog!

I also strongly recommend the purchase of a Crate/Cage as this is what he/she is used to and will give him HIS/HER OWN space for sleeping and eating. It is also best when getting lots of visitors as he/she will get some peace and also if visitors are not 'Dog friendly' then he/she can be safely away giving both yourselves and your visitors some peace.

Perhaps if you have a cuddly toy for him/her to sleep with as he/she is used to being with all his/her littermates. If you have a soft toy take off the eyes nose ect so that he/she doesn't chew and swallow them. We also give them a small cushion or blanket to snuggle up to.

These are things that are best in place before he/she arrives.