Aniforte do a lovely range of skin care which is most helpful for shar-pei skin see link page on this site, they also do 100% pure organic extra virgin coconut oil which is a must for shar-pei feed it & rub in to their skin & you can use it to clean their ears too, you can also get this from health shops & supermarkets.

Good skin comes from within so please go to feeding & click on photo guide. 

Skin conditons are one of the most common problems in dogs, symptoms often depend on the underlying cause such as flea, atopic,food, contact or bacterial allergy.

your dog may be licking excessively, itching or nibbling & physical symptoms can range from inflamed red skin, scurfy dry skin, hair loss or even pustules & broken skin. 

Shar-Pei requires minimal maintenance, brushing with a good bristle brush every other day keeps it's unique coat in excellent conition, when moulting/ shedding use of a furminator to get all the lose coat out is good, shar-pei can look like an old rug at this time do not confuse this with a skin condition, if you are unsure take a photo & send it to the breeder or some one who would know & they should be able to tell you, please dont rush to the vet as your dog may be put on unnecessary drugs.

Bathing may occur occasionally using warm water & good shampoo, contrary to poular belief shar-pei do not need bathing every week, as this will make the skin dry (increase itching) & cause the coat to look dull, as you wash all the dogs natural oils away, however bathing before & after moulting/shedding is very helpful, I bath mine 3 to 4 times a year unless they are very smally. 

The nails of a shar-pei grow fast so frequent clipping is in order, always touch your puppy's paws & the puppy all over to get them used to grooming.

Because the shar-pei have tiny ears frequent cleaning is a must, once ever week or two depending on their needs, i like ear oil to get the muck up & out & wipe away with cotton swabs. DO NOT poke down in the ear with Q-tips, you can put a  bit of oil on a Q-tip & very gently clean around the knobbly bits, then i dust with Thornit powder.