Just place minced raw meat with a bone content into a container & leave to defrost, I use Chicken or rabbit as this is better for shar-pei see the link page for surplies. I use They love it for the chicken but make sure it's got the bone in it as they do a bone free, i add a little bit of porrige oats to mine, but not necessiry.

Then to your meat add herb mix, Barf complete, Flaxseed oil, omega-3 salmon oil,  if coat is in need of more help use premium oil instead of the other 2, see feeding instructions. There is also a good multivitamin I feed, all of this is from Aniforte. Link to their web site is on my link page.

Then all you need to do is blend up fresh fruit & veg you can use frozen fruit/veg just let it defrost then blend it up & mix with your meat & herbs, then feed at room temp, store left overs in a cool can add tined fish & Live Kefir or  Bio yoghurt fresh herbs & Turmeric powder depending on needs.

  you can use some cooked veg like sweet pototos.

If you do not wish to feed raw go to Aniforte web site and there is a video on how to use cooked or their canned meats.