The first thing you should do when getting home with your 8 week old puppy is very little in the first 10 days, just leave them to settle in their new home & bond with their new family.


The next step is socializing most important, I do ask my puppy people not to get there puppies vaccinated until they are 12 weeks old, you can still safely socialize your puppy without walking the streets, so this is how i do it, I take them in my car to the super market, & sit outside with them on my lap so when people come out they come over & fuss & chat to them, I get them to rub under the chin & then over their head & down their back, then give a little treat to the person to give to the puppy.


  I do use a puppy buggy as it a very good way to get them out to see life from a safe place, This is Annie at All about Dogs fun day, I also took her to car boots sales & Sunday markets just to get her use to crowd's of people, & yet again for people to make a fuss of her.

Annie with her new friend baby Ethen. the work you put in at this stage of your puppies life will shape them for life, so you need to get it right, take it slowly & build it up gently, remember they are only babies & they need to know you are there for them & are in charge of every situation.

The Big One. Your puppy needs to be happy for a Judge to run their hands all over your puppy, so very important to get them use to this. so when your puppy is happy for you to be able to touch them all over you can get your trusted friends to do the same, start at the head look in their ears & eyes, run your hands all down there back & down there legs, Its a very good idea to show the judge your puppies bit & pigment, as some judges can be heavy handed plus they can pass germs on as they go in all the dogs mouths, most judges are more then happy for you to show your own dogs bite, but do ask them if they have seen it all & dont rush it.

make sure the mouth is nice & dry. give it a good wipe just before you go to the judge for him to go over your dog, also make sure eyes are clean & dry at the same time.

  you need to gently lift the top lips up & use your thumb to peel bottom lip down. and say to them Teeth, Just do it a few times every day until they just dont mind at all, it becomes second nature,

Then you say open to show the pigment so its a 2 stage thing teeth & open, you need to do this well & give the Judge enough time to see it, so dont do it too quick or they will just dive in & do it them self's which could put your puppy off.  This is what a good bit should look like this is a scissor bit.  

 top teeth fitting neatly over the bottom teeth.

Then open to show the pigment which should be a black mouth.

Now how to stand you dog for the judge, there are 2 ways, free standing & stacked it's best to learn how to do both.

They should stand four square as Annie is above, place front legs first then the back, do it in front of a mirror so you can see how they look. do it every day until they are very happy to do it, then you stand & stack your puppy & do the teeth & open (the bite) so you teach them separate, then put the 2 together. When stacking it's best to slip 4 finger's under the collar as below, so it does not look like they are being hung.

  This is free standing, you need to work at this with treats, a good ringcraft will show you how & it can come later on in your show training but looks very nice when done well.


This is stacking your dog for the judge, again you need to make sure all legs are placed correctly, see how Rocco is four square the top line should be a slight dip then rise.

  showing the judge the bite before she goes over my dog.

Now Moving.

   Before you set off have your arm in an L shape see below, It will help you keep in a straight line & have more control.

look at something in front of you keep your eye on it & move towards it, say your dogs name then say move, do not look at your dog when moving or have a treat in your hand, as your dog will just look up at you & you will  zig zag instead of going in a nice straight line' practice moving up & down, saying turn when you turn to come back, then learn to do a triangle, & a circle. Now you are ready for ring craft, but find a good one, i would go 2 or 3 times with out the dog to find out how its done, plus you will see who is best to help you, & remember you need to ask  for help & tell them it's all new too you.

Always use a show lead when show training as they will know the differences between a walking lead & showing lead, short sessions every day is better then one long one, as they will just get bored, always give praise & a treat when they have finished, also you can use treats (bate) for standing your dog, saying stand & when standing nicely say wait then good & give the treat.

Here are some links on show training video's just click on the link below.