Judges write up from dog world july 31 09, Tianshan Funky Red Roco, surely a future champ was so pleased to find him, large 9 month old red/ rawn with black mask beautful correct scissor bite with correct loose lip, good pigmentation of tongue & mouth, nice eyes of good dark colour free from sighs of entropion, head large but set well on good strong thick set neck, correct dip & rise, good squarely proportioned, correct angulation which showed in his correct movement with stroug powerful gait, lovely bone, nice feet & toped by a superb tailset & carriage best Dog, Claire Davis

write up from dog world by wendy Coates May 14th 10. Tianshan Funky Red Roco impressive r/f brushcoat, another showman, didn’t put a foot wroung, lovely head qualities, great pigment,super toned body, correct topline, nicely muscled with second thigh, neat feet, good bone, moved well, RCC.

Write up from Dog world On Crufts 2010 by Albert Wright. Tianshan Funky Red Roco, What a very stylish lad this is,super height,bags of substance befitting of a male, excellent chest width, straight forelimbs & enough layback in shoulder, liked his head, skull fairly broad with good stop, well shaped, dark eyes which are clear & excellent width in muzzle an inpressive,handsome dog which was moved at the right speed to display his sound action, he has class, first limit Dog. Tianshan Ocean Flower Scores in size & substance, presents as being compact, delightful head,flattest of skulls.muzzle has good width & her mouth finish is so good, moved well on the up & down & was so collected in profile. first junior bitch, Thanks to Mr Write

write up by judge Jackie Smith on the Club champ Show 9-9-09
JD (3) Bayliss, Tianshan Funky Red Roco Red/Fawn brushcoat this stunning powerful big boy is all male, he ticks all the boxes for me was unable to find fault in him, the most stunning head large well padded dark muzzle, lovely almond shape eyes, correct ears carried well, strong neck, the straightest of fronts, correct rear angulation,correct dip behind the withers and rise over lion, lovely deep chest, he has got the darkest pigment with a lovely loose lip and scissor bite. Surely a future Champion a real credit to his breeders.I had great pleasure awarding him RDCC,RBIS,BP       Bayliss, Tianshan Ocean Flower Red/Fawn Brushcoat another lovely quality bitch lovely head with everything correct, dark padded muzzle with the correct pigment and bite, perfect outline, front, correct topline, moved so well round the ring. 

write up by Rodney Oldham Dog World 18.12.09 Tianshan Funky Red Roco, felt this well grown & solidly built red stood away here, presents a very square outline, good length of leg, expressive masculine head, neat ears, clean dark eyes of good shape & set, moderate stop & broad muzzle, best of fronts down to super tight feet, strong arched neck, good topline & obvious dip rising to stong loin, high set tail, just enough definition to quarters, excellent mover in all directions, CC his first & best of breed. Tianshan Ocean flower 1st limit bitch well grown red, good leg length, strong head with width to her flat skull & neat ears well set, good pigmentation, excellent front & neck, shoulders well laid, ribs well developed & topline typical, high set tail, moderate quarters, well muscled, moved with minimal effort,
Thank you  Mr Oldham.

Write up from dog world City of Birmingham Champ show on 6.9.09 Judge Liz Cartledge
Tianshan Funky Red Roco 10 1/2 mouths, quite mature looking for age, no mistaking for anything other then a male in head & expression, easy mover, showed well, masculine & well boned, good feet, well presented,
Tianshan Ocean flower 10 1/2 mouths, charming puppy with quality head, padded lips & muzzle good bone, fit body carried herself proudly on the move, well proportioned,sound mover, steady showgirl. best puppy girl,

Boston Champ show 8.01.12 Judge Judie Rowlands.

1. Mrs J Bayliss, TIANSHAN SHINE ROCCO'S BABY.Lovely example of a horse coat, with a very pleasing head. Good dark, clear eyes, good ear set and a good bite and pigment. Lovely straight front and good feet. Lovely coat. In excellent hard muscled condition, moved well with vigour, pleased to award him RBD.

Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, 2 yr old Horsecoat dog of excellent breed type, such a delight with his appealing square outline & balance, achieved though correct confomation thoughout has very typical head, excellent ears, broad jaws, clean eyes, very good neck, neat feet, harsh coat texture correct topline with a scorpion tail to finish the picture.His excellent gait & superb breed type won him the dog CC & Best Of Breed Judge Mary Deats

OD(9) 1 Bayliss' Ch Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby. Loved red, very short horsecoat in great harsh condition, lovely masculine head with plenty of wrinkle, wide open nostrils and frowning expression, dark flews and gums, darkest of eyes and smallest of ears well placed, ample reach of neck, straight front with plenty of bone, neat feet well knuckled, body shape great with correct deep brisket, good topline and enough tuck up, superb rear muscletone and second thigh, angulation good, high set on tail, moved very well with elbows in and at one with his handler

From dog world Oct 29th 2010 Driffield CH show.

Tianshan Flower power, the size, shape & compactness i look for in the breed, feminine but strong head,dark clean eyes, ears well set, strong muzzle, has size & substance i look for with excellent shape, correct topline,very good depth to chest, very good tail, harsh coat, excellent movement, bone legs & feet & out moved all in class, i like a lot. CC her first & best of Breed. Mary Deats, 

BUBA Champ Show 1.12.12. Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, my find of the day, stunning example of the breed, has the traditional clean look of the horse coat but also excels in head & feet, more often found in the brush coat,quite a find with a horse coat, from his lovely head to his high set scorpion tail i could find nothing i would want to change, his look at me attitude & rock hard condition was the icing on the cake, moved like a dream covering the ground with such ease, he was a joy to watch perfect bite & supper pigment, pleased to hear he sailed through his vet check, CC, his 3rd making breed history being the first horsecoat male champion in the UK & Best Of Breed

Thanks to Judge breed specialist V C Pearson,

SPCGB Chanpionship show 2009 Thanks to Judge Lin Shaw, Open Dog,

1/ Bayliss Tianshan Funky Roco.  Red Fawn black mask brush coat. I love this male and it was very close between him and the Limit dog winner for the CC he just lost out for having  slightly heavier socks , he is all male and has a lovely head with correct proportions,  clean dark eyes with correct mouth and pigment, ears.

Strong neck set on well laid shoulders. Lovely outline with strong rear.  Well muscled with second thigh moved well strong powerfull mover. Never put a foot wrong. RCC and I sure he wont wait long for his 3rd CC, well deserved.

 OD (3) Abs 0  1, Bayliss Mrs J  Tianshan Funky Red Roco  Red Fawn Brush coat with a black mask,  I have judged this dog before as a youngster and I loved him. He did not disappoint me today, has just got better, what can i say about this handsome powerful dog that i haven't already said about him when i awarded him the RCC  a few years ago stunning head with a large padded muzzle, he has got all the attributes the Shar-Pei should have the scowling expression, dark almond shape eyes, neat ears perfect bite with the darkest of pigment, the correct topline that dips behind the withers & rises over loins,deep chest moved with drive CC his third. I was delighted to award this boy the CC Well done for breeding a UK Champion (Subject to KC approval)

PD(1) Abs 0 Bayliss Mrs J,  Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, Red horsecoat with a lovely harsh coat lovely to see a horsecoat that is well off for bone and mussel, lovely head with all the correct furnishings perfect bite and pigment lovely front and rear angulation, good tight feet moved well. From Judge Jackie smith.

Driffield 2010

Malcolm won best dog CC at the LKA11.12.11 under judge Wendy Coates.Here is what Wendy had to say about Malcolm taken from Dog world 20.1.12. Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, R/F horsecoat in great condition,such a pleasure to see a wonderful horsecoat being shown, great head with plenty of wrinkle, not coarse in any way, plenty of padding to muzzle, correct small clear dark eyes,smallest of ears, great body type with correct topline & depth of brisket, angulation good, nice bone very good rear muscletone, with second thigh,moved well with drive & ease & attentive to handler CC. 

Blackpool 6.06.12 LD (6,1) 1 Bayliss' Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby. Middle sized  red dog whose overall shape, balanced construction and shape won the class.  Pleasing head, eyes could be a tad larger for me but they are clear and a good  colour. Scored in jaw width and breadth of muzzle. Moved out with a light, easy  stride as he circled the ring. .JB 2 Bayliss' Tianshan Ocean Wave, very  nice bitch, big enough over the withers for me but she has much to commend her.  The head is so balanced, ample stop, very good foreface and width of underjaw.  Mouth and pigmentation correct, strong in neck, in lovely body condition and  she impressed in side action.write up from our dogs by Judge Albert Wright

EDWINSTOW 27/05/12  Judge Chris Toynton

Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, (Malcolm)

young red boy with characteristic expressssion, lovely temperament & demeanour, good broad muzzle, right amount of padding & good mouth, good head & neck, & shoulder & topline all in good proportion & used to good advantage at times, wrinkles all in the right places & defined without excessiveness, has got an outline that is very pleasing on the eye & true to standard, moving in a resticted area handler made the most of it & showed his lovely free gait to advantage to take the class this boy just oozes appeal, pleasure to judge him, BNSC G3, a big thank you to Judge Chris Toynton for this wonderful write up.


1. Miss T Barratt & Mr J Clarke’s TIANSHAN SHINE GOLDEN SON. Compact body, good neck, balanced head with well placed ears and clear almond eyes and frowning expression.Strong balanced movement with no suggestion of over-reaching

1.  Mrs J Bayliss’ TIANSHAN SHINE ROCCO’S BABY. Very smart youngster, just the right size, with square outline, good neck and excellent tailset. Lovely horse coat, balanced head with dark eyes and very good earset and carriage. Alert use of head, confident showman and smooth balanced movement. Just held my attention with every appearance in the ring.Best Dog and BIS.

Write up by Judge Dr G Curr Midland Shar-Pei Club Open Show.

Write up from Judge Sharon Sutherland shar-pei club open show.

Bayliss Tianshan Shine Roccos Baby . First congratulations on producing such quality stock. I loved this red horse coat boy , again another up on his toes today &  demanding my attention.  He shows like a  true showman. Lovely size , shape & such substance , maturing well. I made both these exhibits work hard today but neither put a foot  wrong, so unlucky to be up against my winner who was on top form also. Fantastic bite, jet black pigment ,well developed head , clear dark eyes , superb set ears , moderate
neck ,super top line , tail set - one of the best today. In immaculate condition , performed so well,  a real gentleman who adores his owner/ breeder. Moved very well at all times . RBD .

Driffiled champ show write up taken from dog world Oct 19.12
Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, r/f horsecoat, such a good type for a horsecoat showing exemplary coat,beautiful pigment, bite & tailset, movement was to die for, moving out with such drive from the rear & forward extension, a credit to his breeder RCC.
Tianshan Shine On Blossom, just 12 mouths, this fawn horsecoat was a great example of a

horsecoat , how the horsecoats have come on, had exceptional movement with great rear drive, held her topline on the move & possessed the dip & rise in topline, wonderful clear eyes, superb pigment & bite with no tight lip. I simply loved her, great short harsh coat, great nature & handled so well, i will watch her future.RCC.
Tianshan Ocean Wave, 11 1/2 mouths r.f b/c, nice head & great pigment, excellent bite easily accessible by loose lips, i preferred her balance to 2, lovly straight front & handled well;
Thanks To Linda Rupniak for this beautiful write up.
RES BEST BITCH AT MIDLAND COUNTY CHAMP SHOW 26.11.12 UNDER MARY DEATS.Tianshan Ocean Wave, 13 month old, excellent quality bitch presenting a square balanced outline, lovely head, expression, excellent ears, clean strong neck, correct forehand very good coat texture& has correct topline, excellent gait.RCC.
 Three Counties Champ Show 8.6.13 Judge Rodney Oldham. 

Bayliss Tianshan Shine On Blossom, of lighter build, ultra feminine and so soundly constructed, cleanest of eyes, straight front down to small feet, lovely topline and high set tail, sound mover.