Left To Right Tianshan Shine On Jade, Tianshan Shine On Blossom, CH Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, Sky, Blossom,Malcolm


Western Shar Pei comes in three different coat types: horse, brush, and bear coat. The unusual horse coat is rough to the touch, extremely prickly and off-standing and is closer to the original traditional Shar Pei breed in appearance and coat type than the brush or bear coat. This coat is fairly prickly and can be rough or irritating when petting in the opposite direction of the fur. The horse coat is generally thought to be more active and predisposed to dominant behavior than the brush coat. The brush-coated variety have slightly longer hair and a smoother feel to them. The brush coat is generally considered to be more of a "couch potato" than the horse coat.

CH Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby ( Malcolm) & Tianshan Shine On Blossom.