Natural Diet for the Shar Pei Puppy

†An 8 week old puppy will need 3 to 4 small meals a day, it is impossible to give the right amount as their needs keep changing from day to day, so the rule of thumb is you put the food down & let them eat as much as they like then pick it up, never leave food down, as you will have a little picker on your hands, Only cut back if your puppy is getting too fat, (Butter ball fat)

Then as your puppy grows & its tummy can hold more food you make Breakfast & Dinner bigger meals & start to cut out the others i.e. supper & lunch. The best bowls are stainless steel food bowl about 10in wide x 2in deep just right for the fat face, water bowl the same, but deeper, Always raise your food bowls off the floor so it is level with their head.

(BREAKFAST) Puppy porridge (see recipe below)
OR scrambled egg (only 1 egg a week)
With a slice of wholemeal bread with seeds in it, toasted & lightly buttered Cut into small bite size pieces.

OR just a slice of Wholemeal seeded bread toasted & lightly buttered
†With a little Honey.

(LUNCH)† Jacket potato mashed up with a little grated cheese or a tablespoon of cottage cheese, vegetables could be leftovers, or you could just use some frozen mixed veg, add a teaspoon of hemp or flax/ Linseed Oil.
Or salmon & Rice fruit & Veg (see recipe below).

Or a small tin of oily fish, (only 1a week) brown cooked rice or pasta,
Any veg & a teaspoon of Hemp or flaxseed oil. You can cook your rice/pasta with some veg & add a Ĺ teaspoon of Turmeric † & garlic, & seaweed powder.
OR a nice RAW meaty bone such as† Duck/ chicken neck, or wing tips. Breast of lamb or goat, chat to your butcher ask him to keep you some small leg bones from sheep. (NEVER FEED COOKED BONES) If you have more then one dog, it may be best to separate them while they have their bones.

(DINNER)† Raw minced meat with bone, i.e. chicken, venison, pheasant, lamb, vegetables & fruit & herbs parsley is the best, can be lightly cooked or put through a blender, I just blitz the lot in a blender as they need to be broken down, the best are Apples, pear, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, you can use frozen such as chopped spinach cubes & peas, just let them defrost a long with the meat & bone. (NOT ONION or GRAPES). You can do enough for a few days & keep it in the fridge & bring it out & let
†It comes up to room temperature. click on link below for free video training.

You can get this all ready done for you at
Then just add a little mixer such as my doggie casserole (see recipe below) or puppy wholebake, Green ark cereal mix, (both need to be soaked over night) you can get them from
Or just bake some slices of wholemeal seeded bread in the oven & cut in to bite size pieces. Then you need to add 1 tablespoon of natural yoghurt
Live/bio. 1 teaspoon of garlic, 1 teaspoon of seaweed/kelp, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of Hemp/ flax seed oil, (keep your good cold pressed oil in a cool dark place like a cupboard, (NEVER USE COOKING OILS) 1 teaspoon of pure fish oil,†
Try to use a variation of meats on different days. (See links page for suppliers). It must be meat with bone, as this is the only way you get a balance of calcium & phosphorus, which puppies do need.

Water should be available at all times filtered if possible & add a capful of unpasteurised Cider apple vinegar ever day.

1 cup of oats or green ark Cereal mix, 1 teaspoon of slippery elm,
add 2 cups of full fat goats milk, mix & cook slowly,
Allow to cool then add 1 teaspoon of live /bio yoghurt 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of hempseed oil, or you can add crushed seeds such as
Sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed/flaxseed, Again they need to be broken down. Add a little grated apple & mashed Banana


2 salmon steaks with skin
2 measures of rice
Fruit & vet of choice (not onions)
1 tablespoon of natural bio yoghurt
1 tablespoon of hemp seed oil / or Linseed oil
1 tablespoon of cod liver oil
1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, optional
1 egg, optional
1 tablespoon of seaweed powder,

Put 2 measures of rice & 3 Ĺ of water in to a microwave bowl

Add the salmon on top, you can add some frozen peas as well.
Cook for 18 minutes on full power.
Put fruit & veg into a blender/ mixer & pulp them to a mash.
Then put in to the bowls & add yoghurt, hemp seed oil, cod liver oil,
Cottage cheese & seaweed powder.
Take the salmon & rice & mix together, you can now add an egg if you wish,
Allow cooling, then just adding to the bowls & mixing it all together & feed.
You can use potatoes instead of rice.
& You can use tinned fish or frozen whit fish.†


You need a big cooking pot, add whole grain rice or pasta, barley, oats, millet, lentils, split peas, mixed seeds, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, water & 2 tablespoons of cider apple vinegar, (1 teaspoon of marmite, full of B Vits)
You can add some root veg, such as carrots, Swede, beetroot, parsnip, turnip, potatoes, celery, (NOT ONIONS) Herbs, parsley, Fennel, Basil.
Cook slowly. Then allow to cool then just mix with your raw meat & bone, story the rest in the fridge & just get what you need as & when, but let it come back to room temperature.† (Puppies like warm food).

†(COMMON MISTAKES) PLEASE READ, Never mix complete foods with the above, as you will overload with protein, Avoid Beef, egg & fish must be limited, & never just feed lotís of meat on its own, such as minced beef, chicken breast. Meat should always have bone in it to balanced the calcium & phosphorus,†† Shar- pei (DO NOT DO WELL ON TOO MUCH PROTEIN) they over heat & are very lethargic & scratch a lot,
Often this is mistaken for Shar Ė Pei Fever.
Never feed Cooked Bones Very dangerous,
Salt & sugar are bad too, The sugar substitutes such as Xylitol can cause death with in 24 hrís chocolate, raisins, grapes, are toxic & so are some plants.
All this is overwhelming but it just all becomes second nature after you have got use to how it all works, I have tried to make it as easy to follow as I can, but feel free to ask any questions, I am very happy to help.


†Please go too the canine health concern to find out what is really in commercial dog food.