New Puppy Owners Beware

 Please be aware that not all who ''produce'' puppies are entitled to call themselves ''BREEDERS!'' ... any fool can PRODUCE a litter of puppies, most people can count the number of Champions in a pedigree its not difficult they are shown in red ink!.... There are only a handful of dedicated Shar Pei BREEDERS in this country - those that truly care for this breed, and because of this the dogs they breed are far superior in  health, temperament and quality than those ''PRODUCED'' by unknown backyard breeders who have no further interest in this breed than making a living from the backs of their animals ... No more thought has gone into producing many puppies than which stud dog is the most local/convienant and usually the cheapest!! ... Never mind whether the pedigrees match or if the dogs are too closely related - have health issues hidden in their pedigrees that someone who goes out and buys a dog as a PET then decides to breed it would no nothing about because they have perhaps at best a year or 2's experience of a breed that is complex and intricate and takes many dozen's of years to even glen an understanding!! No interest is shown in making an effort to exhibit their animals, to try and enhance the breed and no health testing undertaken - they mix bloodlines without any further knowledge than they two dogs can walk and mate!  Ive seen puppies advertised that quite obviously have a skin problem, and many dozens that have required eye tacking but their ''producers'' are usually to ignorant to bother.

Caveat emptor!! BUYER BEWARE!!