CH Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby

CH Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby,
CH Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby,
DOB 15.10.10. 5 Best dog CC.2 res Best dog CC.4 Best of Breed's. at Crufts & Midland Counties, BUBA, Border Union, Best in show at Midland Shar-pei Club Open show.


Malcolm is a Rocco & Lilly son, He has made Breed History by being the only male Horse Coat Champion in the UK.     Stunning red horse Coat with a great character, Very much like his dad Rocco full of fun & a joy to live with. Malcolm won Best of Breed At Crufts 2013 & He is the first Horse Coat to win BOB since CC were on offer. Thanks to Judge Wendy Coates breed specialist. This is the link for crufts utility group just click on link to see Malcolm in the group.

Malcolm won best dog CC at the LKA11.12.11 under judge Wendy Coates.Here is what Wendy had to say about Malcolm taken from Dog world 20.1.12. Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, R/F horsecoat in great condition,such a pleasure to see a wonderful horsecoat being shown, great head with plenty of wrinkle, not coarse in any way, plenty of padding to muzzle, correct small clear dark eyes,smallest of ears, great body type with correct topline & depth of brisket, angulation good, nice bone very good rear muscletone, with second thigh,moved well with drive & ease & attentive to handle

Malcolm take the Rs Best Dog CC at Driffield Champ show 23.09.12 Under Judge Linda Rupniak.Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, r/f horsecoat, such a good type for a horsecoat showing exemplary coat,beautiful pigment, bite & tailset, movement was to die for, moving out with such drive from the rear & forward extension, a credit to his breeder RCC

Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, my find of the day, stunning example of the breed, has the traditional clean look of the horse coat but also excels in head & feet, more often found in the brush coat,quite a find with a horse coat, from his lovely head to his high set scorpion tail i could find nothing i would want to change, his look at me attitude & rock hard condition was the icing on the cake, moved like a dream covering the ground with such ease, he was a joy to watch perfect bite & supper pigment, pleased to hear he sailed through his vet check, CC, his 3rd making breed history being the first horsecoat male champion in the UK & Best Of Breed Thanks to Judge Y C Pearson.

Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, 2 yr old Horsecoat dog of excellent breed type, such a delight with his appealing square outline & balance, achieved though correct confomation thoughout has very typical head, excellent ears, broad jaws, clean eyes, very good neck, neat feet, harsh coat texture correct topline with a scorpion tail to finish the picture.His excellent gait & superb breed type won him the dog CC & Best Of Breed Judge Mary Deats 

11.12.11.Res Best Dog at Boston Champ show 8.01.12. under Judge Judie Rowlands (Meixiu) 26.10.12 Best Dog CC & Best of Breed At Midland County Champ Show.

Malcolm Wins Best in Show at Midlands Shar-pei Club Under Judge Dr Curr 21.07.121.  Mrs J Bayliss’ TIANSHAN SHINE ROCCO’S BABY. Very smart youngster, just the right size, with square outline, good neck and excellent tailset. Lovely horse coat, balanced head with dark eyes and very good earset and carriage. Alert use of head, confident showman and smooth balanced movement. Just held my attention with every appearance in the ring.Best Dog and Best In Show

writ up from Judge Sharon Sutherland.

Bayliss Tianshan Shine Roccos Baby . First congratulations on producing such quality stock. I loved this red horse coat boy , again another up on his toes today &  demanding my attention.  He shows like a  true showman. Lovely size , shape & such substance , maturing well. I made both these exhibits work hard today but neither put a foot  wrong, so unlucky to be up against my winner who was on top form also. Fantastic bite, jet black pigment ,well developed head , clear dark eyes , superb set ears , moderate
neck ,super top line , tail set - one of the best today. In immaculate condition , performed so well,  a real gentleman who adores his owner/ breeder. Moved very well at all times . RBD .

Malcolm is now enjoying retirement so is no longer available at stud.


 left to right, Tianshan Shine Rocco's Baby, with me  BEST IN SHOW. Judge Dr Geoffrey Curr, Reserve Best In Show  Tamoosie small surprise for Chifido With Jenny Webb. Midland shar-Pei Open show, Photo from Tony Jenkins, Thank you Tony.

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